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About Us

Ajit Industrial Diamond Corporation is established since 1981 in the Natural Industrial Diamond and Grits Products markets in India and Abroad We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial Diamonds from the Natural Diamonds. the company is a comprehensive supplier of superabrasive products such as : Natural & Synthetic Industrial diamond Drits, Powder, and Natural & Raw Processed Stones for specialized tools. We use latest technology for processing, selecting & grading in our plant for all kinds of Industrial Diamonds.

Since 2005, a new company was established named AIDC Diamond Tools Pvt. Ltd. concerned with new 18 products namely: 1.Precious Stones 2.Extraordinary Diamonds 3.Polish Diamonds 4.Rough Diamonds 5.Process Diamonds 6.Natural Diamond Powder 7.Synthetic Diamond Powder 8.Semi Precious Stones 9.Pearls 10.Jewellery 11.Diamond Tools 12.CVD: “Chemical Vapor Deposition” 13.PCD: “Polycrystalline Diamond” 14.CBN: “Cubin Boron Nitride” 15.CZ: “Cubic Zirconia” 16.AD: “American Diamond” 17.Abrasive/Metal Powder 18.Diamond Paste & Slurry, etc. Also Accessories of all the above products.

We Export our products to USA, BELIGIUM, UK & HONG KONG. As we ourselves manufacturer, we understand better what our customers need in Products, Quality and Service. Meanwhile we have the most competitive prices in the market. Our mission is to provide our clients the highest Quality Products and Services at a very reasonable Price.

Demand in the Industrial sectors for reliable cutting tools made out of DIAMONDS is growing day by day. No doubt it is a challenge for diamond suppliers to meet thsi demand, not only in quantity but also in quality. As India truns the corner in to a new era of productivity & quality we findthat todays competitive manufacturing environment demands commitment to a quality as well as sensitivity to the manufacturing cost.

Extensive & a Continues R & D have enables us to provide our customers with materials produced using advanced technology & manufacturing processes. Thus, we are very confident that we will be able to serve our cusotmers in the best possible way.

Ajit P. Doshi 1. Business Industries 2. Event Management 3.Professional service- Industries etc…


1. Sell your goods all over India among any of the products mentioned in “About Us”.

2. Take a very little commission / profit and sell your products through our website.

3. You will quote the competitive & reasonable price for selling your products.

4. Also keep the names of other company who is selling the similar product like your product. Sell order will be given to the most competitive price company.

5. Keep your product with rate on our website, and we will give your sell product to you only.

6. You will have to send the goods directly to the prospective buyer, and give us our commission too.

7. Also keep the stock of your products for our small-small buyers.

8. Quality of all your products should never decline. Serve your best !

9. Since all the diamond tools and jewellery are available in one website itself so there is a possibility to expand the business and serve our customers with best possible means.

“Its our motto to sell the best product with reasonable price and to build strong trust relation with our buyers” facebook Whatsapp facebook Whatsapp